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Hambuger Patty Recipe

Hambuger Patty Recipe

  • Making hamburger  patties is not just about slapping the hamburg around and squashing it into a burger. After following these tips, you can say goodbye to crumbly tasteless hamburgers.
  • It must be thin enough to cook fast, thick enough to stay juicy, hold together, and have flavor to make the eater eat the very last bite.
  • If you are up to the challenge to make the best hamburger patties, continue on to learn the secrets of a hamburger fanatic. The next time you make your burgers, they will be perfect-o!
Wax paper
Grill Mates Hamburger seasoning
Plain bread crumbs


  • Start with choosing your hamburg. This recipe will be using 2lbs of uncooked hamburger, but you can adjust the amount as needed. Purchase 80% hamburg. Don't buy the lean hamburg for hamburger patties. You need flavor of the higher fat content to make the burgers tasty.
  • Add 1/2 cup of plain bread crumbs and 2 teaspoons of McCormick's Grill mates hamburger seasoning. If you don't have the hamburger seasoning, you should resolve to go try it. It really is optimized to season the hamburgers perfectly.
  • Mix this mixture lightly, it's easier to use your hands, but you can use a large spoon instead. The goal is to mix as little as possible. As soon as the hamburg is mixed well enough, stop and don't overwork the meat.
Next shape your patties. You can use a hamburger press, or this method:
  • Take your sheet of wax paper and dump out all the hamburger that was in the bowl. Lightly press it out until you have a sheet of meat, around 3/4" thick. Choose a cutter, for the right size burgers (try a large glass) and then cut out the hamburger patties like you would cookies.
Time to cook. For pan frying-
  • Put a little oil in your fry pan, just enough to insure the hamburg doesn't stick. Heat up your pan then add the burgers. Cook on medium heat for 4 minutes each side. Test with a thermometer and make sure the center rises to 165 degrees.
  • Now the hamburger patties are ready to be dressed in ketchup, mustard, and all your other favorite hamburg condiments.

  • Don't press down burgers while cooking
  • Before cooking, make a small imprint with the bottom of the glass in the middle of each burger, to keep them from curing up.

  • This recipe I started making when I was just 16! I've always loved cooking & this particular recipe is why not only my mom had me take over making dinner, but whenever I stayed with my grandma she made me cook too
1 Package of Hamburger Meat (or) Even Better Elk Meat
1/2 a medium sized chopped up Walla Walla Onion
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
1 Egg
1/2 cup crushed up Saltine Crackers


  • In a big mixing bowl simply combine all the ingredients, mixing it all together with your "washed" hands.
  • Once everything is evenly mixed around form patties that are about an inch thick. I like my patties to be perfect so I usually take 2 small plates flip one face down, place a ball of the meat on it, then using the bottom of the 2nd plate press it into a pattie...but that's just me.
  • Now how you cook them is really up to you, but I must say nothing compares to the taste added by BBQ them over "charcoal" Mmmm...add some Cheddar & Pepper Jack oh yeah! Then add your favorite toppings to create your ideal burger! And enjoy.

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